Friday, 29 December 2017

Piddle Puddles and the Swollen Severn

Tuesday night snow was forecast - heavy snow for hours and hours. We looked out at the rain, and doubted. Then the snow began - fast, frantic and very, very wet. It struggled to settle on the already rain-soaked ground. The KHT sent me a couple of texts.

After a couple of hours of continuous snowfall, a light white coating was just discernable on the plants and lawn.  Next morning, after several more hours of snowfall, the covering was the same -  the only difference was that the snow had frozen.
Snow in Ambridge - tell 'The Archers' fans!

On Wednesday we headed over to Worcester in search of a place to walk on tarmac, not mud. There would be cyclists sharing the path, but the risk of getting run off the path by a flotilla of wobbly rugrats, keen to spin rubber on their new wheels, was far less.

Snow was restricted to the higher ground, decorating roofs with a seasonal sprinkling that would have gladdened Dicken's heart

Piddle Puddle

Piddle Brook had overflowed, spreading out over the adjacent water meadows, in a sullen, murky flood.  In this shot, the sky is reflected in the water, disguising the mud content of the floodwater.

Worcester was mainly snow and ice free, but we began our walk in a mini blizzard, which made us doubt our sanity.  We pressed on, keen to have some exercise. We are English. As an indication of how cold it was, not a photo was taken, or a Pokemon caught.  Gloves were on and remaining firmly in pockets.

"Let us go somewhere warm for lunch."  All the best-laid plans... We ended up in a cafe, next to french doors with a visible gap around the edge... OK, the french doors did go out into an arcade, but as the arcade has no doors at either end, the draught still felt pretty icy!  However, the food was good, and they know how to serve a flat white, so on balance, we will forgive them.

Keeping watch for icebergs...
The Severn was swollen, but had yet to breach its banks. We drove past the viewpoint at The Ketch just to make sure, passing a couple looking like they were on the bow of a large ship.

In the evening the KHT and I watched the first part of Titanic on her new portable dvd player.  I would have preferred a sunnier happier tale, but like the Titanic arriving at its destination, it was not to be.